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While consent is core to operating ethically, it is crucial not to forget about user experience.

Fonte: Marketing Land

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) this year started a ripple of privacy legislation across the globe, with governments evaluating whether current laws are enough to protect the personal data of users in our increasingly digital world.

In the U.S., California leads the way with a privacy act that gives consumers more transparency into data collection, and national changes could be coming if Senator Ron Wyden’s proposal for similar federal law is accepted. Globally, draft bills focused on data privacy are also under review in India and Kenya.

So what does this mean for digital players, and especially global publishers?

At present, many aren’t sure. The mix of regional, country-level and international rules is confusing, and leaving content providers struggling to establish how to balance compliance with user experience. But the good news is that the answer can be understood from the data privacy revolution itself.

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