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For privacy professionals, it’s the millioneuro question: how can I involve the wider organisation in privacy management, to what extent should I, and with what objective in mind?

Such questions challenge privacy professionals everyday, often sparking subsequent ones such as: how do organisations with best practice privacy programmes manage collaboration on privacy matters? Or more generally – what
could I be doing better here?

Answers to these questions exert a lasting influence on the efficiency of your privacy program, and your ability to drive impact at your company.

In this guide, we give you a practical overview of the job of the privacy professional today, including an analysis on where the function sits in many organisations, who occupies it, and to whom the role reports. Then, we offer advice on understanding the scope of the privacy professional’s role. We look at how it should evolve within your organisation, how this role can work to overcome barriers to collaboration on privacy, and how you, the privacy professional, can build processes to ensure effective collaboration on privacy long-term.

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