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Fonte: Venture Beat

Here’s something of a curveball for your brain: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter have teamed up for a new open source project that would make it easier to transfer your data between online services.

The Data Transfer Project (DTP) was officially founded last year, and there have been whisperings about it on the likes of GitHub, but the initiative was officially unveiled today with its first four members. The DTP is actively seeking other members.

The ultimate aim of the Data Transfer Project is to improve data portability, allowing users to not only download their data but to transfer it directly to any other service.

Facebook, for example, announced a new data export tool earlier this year that enables its users to receive a copy of all the data that Facebook holds on them — this was unveiled soon after the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal unfolded. But the average user wouldn’t be able to do all that much with their data, other than look at it and perhaps make some amendments to their Facebook profile. With the DTP, Facebook and its three partners are trying to create channels to make it easier to move data from platform to platform.

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