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Informative self determination is one of the grounds of LGPD, from which various principles, rights and obligations set forth in the legislation.

“The essential point for companies that process personal data in their activity is the understanding that such data belong to their holders, to whom they owe satisfaction, in the form of accountability. It is the so called informative self determination, which LGPD brought as one of its grounds, inspired by the well-known precedent of the German census of 1983, which defined it as the power conferred to the individual to decide whether and to what extent aspects of his personal life will be exposed”, state our partner Renato Opice Blum and our associate Ana Maria Roncaglia, in the article LGPD: Retrospective of 2019 and perspective for 2020.

To know more about informative self determination, check out the article “A new historical landmark of Protection of Personal Data in Brazil – Trial of MP 954/20 in the STF”.