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This month I had my first anniversary as Uber’s first Chief Privacy Officer — my one-year “Uberversary,” or, as my pun-loving team called it, my “Ruberversary.” In some ways, like a baby, I had a crawl-walk-run experience, albeit at a much faster pace than for most humans, except possibly baby Jack Jack from the Disney film “The Incredibles.” Uber doesn’t just set cities in motion, it inspires passionate employees to move fast, too. And my passion is data privacy and security.
A lot of people asked me why I made the leap from a mature Fortune 50 company that put the silicon in Silicon Valley to a relative upstart changing the way the world moves. The short answer is that after poking around quite a bit in my due diligence, I concluded that this was an incredible opportunity to provide leadership and help build a top-notch data privacy and security legal team for a company that took its lumps, learned from its past experiences, and was highly motivated to do better.