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Fonte: Future of Privacy Forum

Personal data – used lawfully, fairly, and transparently – is central to helping organizations achieve their missions. Today, Boards of Directors, CEOs, policymakers, and others need to understand the wide range of data inputs, the broad scope of risks and benefits, and how privacy and ethics are at the center of an organization’s ability to fulfill its leaders’ vision. Traditionally, privacy was considered a legal and compliance matter, but now it is a fundamental concern because of emerging issues such as advertising practices, content standards, global data flows, concerns about civil rights, law enforcement cooperation, ethics, community engagement, research standards, and more. With these trends in mind, FPF has created an infographic that shows:

  • The complexities of how organizations collect and use data
  • The risks involved
  • How principled data stewardship supports the goals of innovation, growth, brand development, and social responsibility.

We hope you will find this useful in communicating with colleagues, students, leaders, and policymakers.

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