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Fonte: The Next Web

Amazon is constantly trying to improve Alexa, its AI-assistant. A recent patent filed by the company shows just how: it wants Alexa to notice a user’s illness by detecting a change in their voice.

Furthermore, it wants to suggest medicines or a recipe for chicken soup. But that’s not it. The patent suggests Amazon wants Alexa to detect more things:

  • Emotional states, so spotting things like happiness, joy, sadness, anger, boredom, and fear
  • The sound of the user’s voice or breath, to see if they’re sleepy or crying, for example
  • Where the user is, something it’ll do by analyzing the background noise
  • The user’s accent like Chinese, Indian, British, American, Latin, and Australian
  • The age and gender of the user

Amazon aims to use this data and send ads to users. For instance, if the user has a sore throat, it might play a cough syrup ad or suggest a restaurant to order chicken soup from.

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